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We desire to encourage, equip and assist Christian families in their biblical responsibility to train their children to become Christ-like, fully obedient to the Lord, and to fulfill God's purpose for their lives in the home, church, and society. It is also our desire to help our students and their families develop a personal passion for Jesus Christ. Eph 4:12-13

-Develop a strong, genuine relationship with Jesus

-Know Jesus and love Him in a personal way

-Navigate a world of ideologies in light of Biblical truth

-Accurately handle the Word of Truth

-Interact with society as those who love the world with Christ's love

-Live Gospel-centered lives

-Well-trained in both knowledge and wisdom

-Life-long learners who have cultivated a love of learning

-Realize their limitations and the foolishness of the world's wisdom

-Have a heart for God and others, knowing that being a servant of God and mankind is the highest height they can attain

-Live for the glory of God rather than for themselves 

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We believe it is paramount that our students have an understanding of the needs around them. Therefore, we have incorporated missions as part of our curriculum. By engaging communities in the United States or abroad our hope is to inspire a love for our neighbors. It is through this love we believe our students will experience God.

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By infusing solid academics with solid biblical values we teach that nothing is gained apart from the knowledge of God, that all comes from Him and all is unto Him. Even more than what is taught, the wise and loving examples of teachers and staff model to kids what Christ teaches. Children "catch" selfless love in real life, and are helped to turn away from sin and toward loving God and others more deeply. These two great commandments are the reason we exist: to promote and persevere in a deep love for God and others. Academics is just our cover. There is no greater investment than children. It is our children who will help shape our future. We believe there is no greater guidance than the Word of God to shape old and young minds alike. 

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Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think Ephesians 3:20


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Although it is not our first priority, our students excel in academics. As we continue to place Jesus first, we find the students have an environment optimal for learning. Our solid academics prepare our students for the next levels in their educational career.
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Christian education is


It is taking something common (an academic education) and using it to glorify God and make disciples.